Can Auto Accidents Be Prevented?

Can Auto Accidents Be Prevented?

Approximately 1.35 million die each year due to car accidents. Additionally, car accidents lead to permanent injuries and loss of property. All these cause considerable economic loss for individuals, families, and the nation. Yet, these undesirable outcomes are preventable if proper road safety measures are considered. To ensure safer roads, there are important safety measures that should be considered.

Avoid Distractions

One of the most important steps to avoiding a car accident is to pay attention while driving. Distractions lower the driver’s reaction time. Yet, it is hard to hit something with your car when looking at it. Distractions include:


The use of cell phones is one of the biggest problems for drivers. Mobile phones cause visual, manual, and mental distractions. If you need to talk on the phone, buy a headset to keep your hands free. California law prohibits a driver from operating a phone when driving, unless in the case of an emergency.


If you are driving a car full of passengers, remind them that your responsibility is to drive safely. Thus, they should refrain from activities that will need your full attention. Secure your toddlers and pets in carriers or harnesses. Also, give them toys, books, or treats to distract them.

Music and Radio Programs

Music and car radio programs can also distract the driver. Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your car audio system before you get on the road. Also, be intentional about the things you need to listen to when driving. Choose soft programs that will allow you to focus on driving rather than obnoxious content that will serve as a distraction.

Avoiding Intoxicated Driving

Driving while intoxicated has severe and life-threatening consequences for those involved. Drugs impair the driver’s coordination skills. Not only can the driver move across the centerline, but they can also drift across lanes or drive off the highway entirely. Do not drink or ingest drugs and drive. But, if intoxicated, select a designated driver, or hire a taxi to take you home.

Reduce Speed

The risk of getting involved in an accident is greater when driving at high speed. Installing speed governors in public service vehicles protects passengers by keeping drivers under the speed limit. Other routes include speed humps and raised pedestrian crossings. If involved in an accident with a speeding driver, contact an auto accident lawyer who will advise you accordingly.

Regular Checkup and Maintenance

Car malfunctions cause mechanical failures that contribute to car accidents. Before starting on a journey, do a quick check of the following to ensure they are in order:

  • Oil and brakes
  • Tire pressure
  • Air and engine filter
  • Headlights and tail lights

Road diets

Road diets aim to make roads safer for all users. These practices aim at reconfiguring roads from four lanes to three lanes. Three-lane designs are more efficient as they accommodate left-turn drivers. The middle lane takes left lane turners out of the flow of traffic. In turn, they won’t hold up drivers who want to continue with the flow. Also, drivers who want to make a left turn will only have one lane to cross rather than two, as is the case on four-lane roads. This minimizes left turn lane accidents. Additionally, road diets aim at narrower lanes. These reduce vehicle speeds by up to three miles per foot reduced. Additionally, there is room to expand sidewalks and bike lanes. Thus, pedestrians and cyclists will be safer.

Avoid a car accident at all costs, and keep your phone calls and deep conversations when you are off the road. Middle lanes help prevent accidents by accommodating left-turn drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.