What Happens When You Are Caught Drinking and Driving

What Happens When You Are Caught Drinking and Driving

Many people like to go out and have a good time on the weekend. However, if you drink and drive, you can harm yourself and others on your way home. You can also be pulled over by the police and have to do a field sobriety test. Here are a few things that happen after you were caught.

Getting Arrested

Once you are deemed too intoxicated to operate your motor vehicle, you can be arrested and taken to jail. The length of time that you stay there depends on which state you live in. Some will allow you to go once you have a DWI bail bonds MN while others make you stay there until you see the judge. If you have been caught multiple times, that can affect the number of days you will be incarcerated as well.

Be Assessed a Fine

When you see the judge and receive your sentence, you will also have to pay a fine. Like the length of time you must spend in jail, this amount of money will vary. However, the penalty can be very steep. It may cost you thousands of dollars in damages, especially if you did damage to any property. You can research your costs before your trial or ask a lawyer what you should expect.

Lose Your License

Another stipulation of the judgment will be that your license will be taken away for a certain amount of time. This will depend on what state you live in in the seriousness of your arrest. During that time you will have to arrange a ride to get wherever you need to go including work in school. You can also consider taking public transportation or ordering a rideshare to take you. If you abide by your probation, you can get your privileges back once it expires.

More Expensive Insurance

When you are arrested for drunk driving, the insurance company that you work with will most likely end their relationship with you unless they can provide you with the high-risk policy you must have. If you find that this is the case, you will need to research organizations that can offer this level of protection. This will come at a greater cost than what you were normally used to. You will need to budget the extra expense into the bills that you pay each month. You will also want to check the coverage that you will get with this plan.